Highlights: Colorado Springs, Buena Vista, UFO Watchtower

Colorado Springs Keya, Zag, and I headed down to Colorado Springs to visit my sister, Kristen. She took us on a hike in the Red Rock Canyon Open space. It’s a beautiful meandering set of loops that can be extended if your group is up for it. It looks like the open space would be […]

Goodbye, Colorado

Well, it’s finally happening! Today the real nomading begins. I’m heading out today to Yellowstone and then on to Montana. After that, I head east! 😀 This is where things get interesting. I won’t have as many people around me to lean on for places to stay or to hang out with. I’m think I’m pretty well prepared for it […]

It begins

Today, I turned in the keys to my apartment after moving all of my belongings into storage. I’ve got all my travel gear and am living wherever the heck I feel like for the indefinite future. This month I’ll be hanging around Colorado trying to get some camping, hiking, and mountain biking in before I head […]