The final post?

Sadly, I think it’s time for this site to come to an end. I’m getting a tad teary eyed, but I think it’s a good move. I have migrated all the content from this site to and will update that more regularly. My adventures are far from over and I’ll continue to share them on […]

2017: My year in photos

It’s been too long since I posted. Much has happened and maybe I’ll get to posting, but for now, here’s 200+ of my favorite photos this year. Let me know what you think! The travel photos made possible because my employer, Automattic, is fully remote. We’re hiring! You can also check out my photos from […]

Highlights: Colorado Springs, Buena Vista, UFO Watchtower

Colorado Springs Keya, Zag, and I headed down to Colorado Springs to visit my sister, Kristen. She took us on a hike in the Red Rock Canyon Open space. It’s a beautiful meandering set of loops that can be extended if your group is up for it. It looks like the open space would be […]

Goodbye, Colorado

Well, it’s finally happening! Today the real nomading begins. I’m heading out today to Yellowstone and then on to Montana. After that, I head east! 😀 This is where things get interesting. I won’t have as many people around me to lean on for places to stay or to hang out with. I’m think I’m pretty well prepared for it […]

Apex Park

  Sheri, Chris, Kelly, and I went up to Apex last week to do some downhill mountain biking. It was a blast even though I ended up leaving a good amount of me (and my Fitbit) on the mountain after a couple spills. (Womp womp!) It was maybe a bit tougher than I’d like at my current skill level, […]

It begins

Today, I turned in the keys to my apartment after moving all of my belongings into storage. I’ve got all my travel gear and am living wherever the heck I feel like for the indefinite future. This month I’ll be hanging around Colorado trying to get some camping, hiking, and mountain biking in before I head […]